Design Inspiration



 My home is in a stand of tall oak trees in beautiful Yamhill County, Oregon. I am convinced my surroundings influence and support my creative work.


When I am working at night, I can step outside and see the winter moon through the silhouettes of gloriously twisted oak branches; or take a break to rest my eyes, and smell the fragrant honeysuckle on a summer evening. Often, this is just the pause I needed to see a gemstone layout with fresh eyes and make an adjustment that satisfies my design intent. The construction process is painstaking and often repetitive, but this can be a type of meditation in itself.   

Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind and I produce small collections a few times a year. From a long career in laboratory science comes a strict attention to detail and use of quality materials. And although I often play with historic design influences (or just plain fantasy!), I strive to make my jewelry accessible and easily wearable by busy women. So adorn yourselves and enjoy!





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